What to consider when choosing a venue

A common question that we get asked is ‘what venue would you recommend?‘.

As you will know if you've been researching venues, there are so many options out there that it's hard to pinpoint which one to select.

Our simple answer would be - pick a venue that doesn’t have so many restrictions in terms of what can and cannot be done. From a decor perspective, we would advise on choosing a venue that gives you a blank canvas to work with, giving you the creative freedom to create something from nothing.

Sometimes this can mean going for a more basic venue and building up the look through the decor. We particularly like venues with high ceilings as they offer more freedom to work with, for example allowing you to use taller head-table backdrops giving a grander feel.

If you have the option to, we would always recommend to have a marquee reception. It's not just because we specialise in marquee design and build, but simply due to what can be created from the outlook of the structures - these offer you a true blank canvas to work with and provide you with a bespoke wedding.

Jaty Singh