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Gurvir & Kal

Gurvir Johal and Kal came to us with a design brief emphasising that they didn’t want an ‘average wedding’. Being in the wedding industry themselves, Gurvir and Kal wanted a clean and elegant feel to the room.

We feel the key to any successful event is to be able to understand our clients requirements, and then to be able to paint the vision into reality.

The initial design consultation started with a look through our inspirational scrapbook to get a taste of what the couple were looking for. Taking that information on-board, the design team were able to work and play around all types of layouts, designs and concepts in order to exceed the initial set brief.

This particular wedding was all about texture, a range of different heights and plenty of real candles.


The Colour Palette

We tend to use accents in your chosen colour scheme as it's more impactful and creates an elegant look.

The colour palette used a base of floral white with accents of blush pink and gold throughout the event, with pinspot lighting highlighting each and every piece. 



The glassware was incorporated from the Centrepieces right through to the concept of the floating floral head-table design.



Over a thousand candles were used at this event. We used a variation of real dinner and church candles to create an intimate ambiance in the room.


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